About the SkateLog Web Site

An introduction to SkateLog.com, why it was created, and what you will find there.

About the SkateLog Web Site

Welcome everybody, to SkateLog.com, where you will find articles and news about inline skating, quad roller skating, and sometimes ice skating and skateboarding. The best way to find skating information on this Web site is by using our SkateLog Search Engine. That search engine searches all three of our skating Websites: SkateLog.com, the SkateLog Forum, and Quadskating.com.

About SkateLog Editor Kathie Fry

SkateLog.com is independently owned and operated by Kathie Fry of Venice Beach, Southern California. Kathie was the editor of the inline skating Web site at About.com from 1999 to 2003 and her skating articles have been published in Prevention Magazine, Fitness and Speed Skating Times Magazine, USA Roller Sports Magazine, Her Sports Magazine, and other publications. Kathie is also the editor of several oather skating, sports, and travel WEb sites including the SkateLog Forum | QuadSkating.com, | ScubaDoll, | Ask About Sports, | Do It In Hawaii, | Do It In Asia, | Do It In Africa, | Do It In Europe, | Do It In Oceania, | Do It In the Americas.

In addition to creating and editing Web sites Kathie works full time in the semiconductor industry. Her personal interests include skating, scuba diving, sea kayaking, Hawaiian music, photography, writing, reading, and traveling all over the world. For more information about Kathie see HulaSkater on Facebook, HulaSkater on Twitter, HulaSkater on Linked In, and KathieFry.com

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