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SkateLog Newsletter 2003-04
March 27, 2003

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From Skatelog.com - http://www.skatelog.com
Date: March 27, 2003
My SkateGRRL.com email is not working at the moment, so if you need to contact me, please send email to my new email address: kathiefry@skatelog.com. *****************************************

  • A Russian Will Skate 1800K Across Germany
  • Helicopters and Boats Rescue 50 Skaters
  • New Dutch Racing Series for Women
  • Juan Carlos Betancur Photo Gallery
  • Chad and Theresa - Skaters of the Year
  • African Speed Championships - Photos
  • Benetton Sold Rollerblade to Tecnica
  • Skechers Counter Sues Britney Spears
  • Mallory Pracale Fan Site
  • Meet Me at the Disney World Marathon
  • Disney Marathon Friday Night Skate
  • Top 10 Articles at SkateLog.com
  • My New Message Board (AskAboutSkating.com)
  • Weekly Chat Sessions Will Return Soon
  • My Newest Web Site (AskAboutShopping.com)
  • Skating Events This Month
  • News from the International Federation
  • A Note From Kathie

    Russian Will Skate 1800K Across Germany
    On April 1, thirty-seven year old Russian chemist George Pakhomov will begin skating across Germany from south to north, a distance of approximately 1800 kilometers.

    Helicopters and Boats Rescued 50 Skaters
    On February 15 a large group of Swedish recreational ice skaters became stranded in the open sea when the ice started breaking up under their feet. Here's what happened that day plus some incredible photos of the rescue operation (the photos show ice breaking up under the skaters and skaters hanging from helicopters - it looks SCARY!)

    New Dutch Racing Series for Women
    Women all over the world are invited to skate in one or all of the events in a new racing series organized by the Dutch Inline Speed Racers Council. IDEA FOR WOMEN: Plan a Dutch skating holiday around one of these events.

    Juan Carlos Betancur Photo Gallery
    20 wonderful photos of Team Salomon skater Juan Carlos Betancur of Colombia. This photo gallery is very special because it includes the best photos available of Juan Carlos racing, but it also includes photos of him with his parents, his brother Diego, his beautiful sister, plus photos of him relaxing at the beach wearing no shirt, and the most intriguing... a photo of Juan Carlos with Pascal Briand and Tristan Loy, skating without any clothes on!

    Chad and Theresa - Skaters of the Year
    In February the U.S. Roller Sports Federation awarded dual "Skater of the Year" awards to Chad Hedrick and Theresa Cliff for their achievements at the 2002 World Championships in Zandvoorde, Belgium. Chad won his 50th world gold medal and Theresa won her 25th world gold medal.
  • Theresa Cliff Fan Site
  • Photos of a Chad Hedrick Clinic

    Photos from the African Speed Championships
    The 2003 African Speed Skating Championships were held February 28 through March 2, 2003 in Nairobi Kenya. Here are some photos and a report:

    Benetton Sold Rollerblade to Tecnica
    After months of speculation Benetton has agreed to sell Rollerblade to Prime Newco, a company in the Tecnica Group. Benetton recently sold Nordica and their other sports lines because they want to get out of the sporting goods business and focus on their more lucrative clothing line.

    Skechers Counter Sues Britney Spears
    Two months after being sued by 21 year old Britney Spears over a roller skate endorsement deal gone sour, Skechers Footwear USA counter-sues the pop singer, claiming breach of contract.

    Mallory Pracale Fan Site
    Check out this growing collection of skater fan sites, including the newest addition, a special site for Team Mogema Labeda skater Mallory Pracale. Coming soon: Britta Vantournhout of Belgium, Subodh Patil of India, plus more fan sites with beautiful in-studio skater photos by Dutch photographer Ewoud Broeksma.

    Meet Me At the Disney Marathon
    I will be in Florida this weekend for the Disney World Inline Marathon. You will find me at the vendor expo on Saturday at the Zephyr Skate Tours booth, on Sunday taking photos at the finish line, at the IISA Inline Summit on Monday, and (if my flight arrives in time) at the Friday night skate before the marathon (note that Tony Chen, webmaster of the SkateFAQ will be at the Zephyr booth with me on Saturday, at least for part of the day, so please be sure to stop by and introduce yourself).

    Disney Marathon Friday Night Skate
    The meeting place for the Friday night skate before the Disney Marathon has changed. Skaters will now meet at the Celebration Health Hospital (I will be there if my flight arrives in time)

    Top 10 Articles at SkateLog.com
    (Week ending March 26, 2003)
    1. Anni Friesinger Fan Site
    2. Skate Log Daily News
    3. Don't Let This Happen to You!
    4. Juan Carlos Betancur Photo Gallery
    5. Erik Jan Spijkerman Photo Gallery
    6. Dennis Kalker Fan Site
    7. Coloring Pages for Kids
    8. Benetton Sold Rollerblade to Tecnica
    9. Mallory Pracale Fan Site
    10. Calendar of Skating Events: 2003-2005

    My New Message Board - Coming This Week
    Sometime in the next two weeks I will launch a new bulletin board for skaters at the Web site

    The purpose of this board is not to compete with other skating forums on the Internet, but rather to give me a place to start discussions related to articles I publish on my Web sites (for example, at the bottom of an article about skating in hot weather I might add this comment and a link to my forum: "Is it safer to skate without a helmet on extremely hot days? Share your opinion with other skaters").

    I am trying to get my message board up and running before my April trip to Cuba so I can send regular reports from the Cuba Cup and the Havana Marathon and keep everybody informed about what kind of trouble I'm getting myself into.

    Chat Sessions Will Return Soon
    Weekly chat sessions will return shortly after my new message board is launched. They will be held in partnership with the weekly "world chats" currently happening every Sunday at PatinCarrera.com. I will probably have the chats in a chat room located at AskAboutSkating.com, so that Web site can be considered a meeting and networking place for skaters to connect with each other, either on the message board or in the chat room.

    My Newest Web Site - AskAboutShopping.com
    This shopping site is my newest idea for raising money to pay for SkateLog.com and SkateGRRL.com without using pop-up ads or ugly casino ads. This shopping site is brand new, so it is rather simple now (simple but useful - there are links to hundreds of shops). Over time I will enhance the design of the site and add special shopping guides, product information, and introductory information about each online shop. Naturally I will focus first on making special buying guide pages for skates, helmets, fitness wear, and other skating related supplies.

    April 2003 Skating Events
    Calendar for All of 2003

    RollerSports.org - News Page

    I have spent most of the last 3 weeks moving my Web sites from one computer to another, and I am just finish up that project now. If any of my Web sites act strange (or temporarily disappear) in the next few days, it's because of that change, and the problems should resolve themselves soon.

    Want Your Own Web Site?
    Occasionally I receive questions from skaters and teams who would like to start up their own Web sites, so I am planning to write a series of simple "how-to" articles about how to set up your own Web site from scratch (what equipment and services you need to buy, how much everything will cost, and where to find tutorials on the Web for HTML, FrontPage, and other Web site authoring tools).

    My Trips This Month: Florida and Cuba
    This weekend I will be taking photos at the Disney World Marathon in Florida, and about two weeks after that I will be in Havana to report on the Havana Inline Marathon and the Cuba Cup of Speed and Artistic Skating. If you would like to join me there (Cool!) or learn more about those events, send email to kathiefry@skatelog.com. The Cuba Cup begins on April 14 and it ends with the Havana Inline Marathon (and usually a big party) on April 20.

    Kathie Fry, Editor of SkateLog.com
    Web Site -
    Email - KathieFry@skatelog.com
    PO Box 12320, Venice Beach CA 90295 USA

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