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SkateLog Newsletter 2003-06
September 28, 2003
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From Skatelog.com - http://www.skatelog.com
Date: September 28, 2003
  • A Note from Kathie
  • A Belgian Skater's Broken Arm Story
  • An Olympic Champion with his dog "Swift"
  • German Skates 280 KM per Hour
  • Meet Me at the Long Beach Marathon
  • Berlin Marathon Was the Last WIC Event
  • All of the Skating World Championships
  • Future Champions in Faridabad
  • Photos of Skating in Rio de Janeiro
  • How to Be a Derby Doll
  • An Inline Marathon in Nairobi
  • An Inline Marathon in Tunisia
  • An Artistic Inline Competition in Iran
  • My Fantastic Photo of Tony Hawk
  • Birthdays of the Top Pro Skaters
  • Skating Posters at SkateLog.com
  • News From the International Federation
  • Exciting News!!! (from About.com)
  • My Newest Web Site: Trails of the World

  • Chat With Me Every Sunday Night
  • Sign Up on My New Message Board
  • All About Me


    Hello Everybody! Just a couple of quick notes before you get into my newsletter.

    I recently had an email disaster that caused me to lose many of my messages, so I would appreciate it very much if you could resend any email I have not answered.

    Also, if your skating events have not been added to my calendar, please let me know, because this week I will be focusing on finding new skating events and adding them to my calendar.
  • Skating Event Calendar: 2003-2008

    - - - - - NEWSLETTER BEGINS - - - - -

    A Belgian Skater's Broken Arm Story
    Belgian skater Lieve Lissens talks about breaking her arm during a training session, her surgery to repair the damage, and the serious complications she is still experiencing four months later.

    An Olympic Champion and His Dog "Swift"
    Brand new photos of Olympic ice speed skating champion KIP CARPENTER with his dog "Swift", bare-chested in a motorcycle jacket, two gorgeous close-up head shots, plus beautifully composed studio photos of Kip in (and out) of his skinsuit. These photos were taken by Dutch art and sports photographer Ewoud Broeksma while Kip was in the Netherlands earlier this year. (be sure to select "NEXT PHOTO" to see all of the pix in this collection)

    German Skates 280 KM per Hour
    In September of 2003, at the Lausitz track near Berlin in Germany, Jürgen Köhler achieved a speed of 280 kilometers per hour holding onto the back of a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. At one point in this attempt the motorcycle actually caught on fire!

    Meet Me at the Long Beach Marathon
    The Long Beach Marathon is Sunday, October 12 and I'll be hanging out with Glenn Koshi at the Bont booth at the Vendor Expo on Friday and Saturday, and I'll be at the start line, finish line, and awards ceremony on Sunday. Please be sure to introduce yourself, and pick up one of my BRAND NEW SkateLog.com Magnets. The marathon is only 2 weeks away, so be sure register right away.

    Berlin Marathon Was the Last WIC Grand Prix
    The Rome Marathon is not part of the World Inline Cup Tour in 2003 (confirmed by the WIC organizers) which means the Berlin Marathon on September 28 was the last Grand Prix race in the World Inline Cup Speed Tour in 2003. I heard a rumor that the WIC organizers would like to have 2 Grand Prix races in the United States in 2004. I guess the two strongest candidates would be the Long Beach Marathon in California and the Disney Marathon in Florida. Those are both fantastic events, but naturally I'm hoping Long Beach will make the grade, since that is my home town race. But either way, Long Beach or Disney it will great to have 2 Grand Prix races in the U.S. I hope it happens!

    2003 World Championships for All Types of Skating
  • Aggressive World Championships
  • Artistic World Championships
  • Downhill World Championships
  • Hockey Inline World Championships
  • Hockey Quad World Championships
  • Speed Inline World Championships
    (meet me at the aggressive and speed worlds)

    Young Future Champions in Faridabad
    Indian speed skating coach Saurabh Duggal sent this information about a speed skating competition held every year in India for the youngest beginning skaters. He also included a photo of some very small skaters holding up their trophies at their awards ceremony.

    How to Be a Derby Doll
    Los Angeles will soon have its own all-girl roller derby league in the vein of similar leagues in Texas and Arizona. This is not the kind of roller derby skating you have seen in the past. It's more like a wild and crazy Saturday Night Live style parody of traditional roller derby. You won't want to miss it!

    Photos of Skating in Rio de Janeiro
  • Fun Rollers in Rio de Janeiro
  • Skaters at the Carnival in Rio
  • Planet Roller Dance Company

    An Inline Marathon in Nairobi - November 23
    The Nairobi Inline Marathon has been rescheduled for November 23, 2003.

    An Inline Marathon in Tunisia - October 18
    In 2003, the Défis du Chott multi-sport competition in Southern Tunisia will include inline skating for the first time.

    An Artistic Inline Competition in Iran
    The first inline figure skating competition in Iran will take place in the city of Tehran on November 28 2003.

    My Fantastic Photo of Tony Hawk
    I took this photo of world famous pro skateboarder Tony Hawk with his wife and young son on top of the half pipe at the 2003 X Games in Los Angeles. (I love this photo!)

    Birthdays of the Top Pro Skaters
    Skaters are having a lot of fun using this list to find out which pro skater shares their birthday. (Who ever knew Wouter Hebbrecht of Team Rollerblade was born on Tony Hawk's birthday?)

    Skating Posters at SkateLog.com
    My new skating poster shop has special sections for inline skating, quad skating, speed skating, hockey, figure skating, and skateboarding.

    News From the International Federation
  • A New Speed Skating Track in India
  • New Zealand Marathon Championships (Report)
  • Britta Vantournhout Wins Flanders Grand Prix
  • Indonesia Inaugurates New Skating Committee
  • Two New World Records at Euro Marathon
  • Inline Hockey at the Pan American Games

    Exciting News!!! (from About.com)
    A couple of weeks ago "Inline Skating" was removed from the list of available topics at About.com, so I can only assume that one or more candidates is going through the application process now. I can't wait to find out who the new guide at About.com will be!

    A Brand New Web Site: "Trails of the World"
    You can help me build this directory of paved, multi-use recreational trails around the world by sending me photos and descriptions of your favorite paved trails (I created this site a couple of weeks ago because I have accumulated such a large amount of information about paved trails all over the world)

    Chat With Me Every Sunday Night
    Join me in my new chat room every Sunday night from 7 to 8 pm Pacific Time. Stop by sometime to say hello. Our chats are friendly, informal, and fun, and we love it when new skaters show up.

    Sign Up on My New Message Board
    Signing up for a user name in my new forum is easy: (1) Connect to the forum at this Web site: http://www.askaboutskating.com/forum/ (2) select "register" at the top of the page, (3) accept the agreement, and (4) fill in at least the first four fields - all other fields are optional

    All About Me
  • This new page at SkateLog.com includes:
  • Skating.com Kathie Fry Interview
  • My 2003 Travel and Event Schedule
  • Video Clips of Me Skating in Russia
  • Lots of Different Ways to Contact Me
  • Photos of Me With My Friends (more coming soon)

    - - - - - - (END OF NEWSLETTER) - - - - - -

    The SkateLog Newsletter is Produced by
    Kathie Fry, Host and Editor
    http://www.skatelog.com (Articles and Photos)
    http://www.askaboutskating.com (Forum and Chat)

    Email - kathiefry@skatelog.com
    PO Box 12320, Venice Beach CA 90295 USA

    To subscribe or unsubscribe to this newsletter send a message to

    Note to Newsletter Readers: You are very welcome to post all or part of this newsletter on your Web site or on any public message board.

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