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SkateLog Newsletter 2004-09
November 24, 2004

Skatelog News: Skating Nurses + FIRS Resignation + Artistic Worlds
 SkateLog Newsletter #2004-09 . by SkateLog Editor Kathie Fry 
November 24, 2004 
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Hello Everybody!

I am writing to you from the 2004 Roller Figure Skating World Championships which are taking place Fresno, California November 17-28. This is the first Artistic Worlds I have attended and it has been a beautiful and exciting competition. The event will run through this Sunday, so between now and then I will be posting plenty of news and photos at SkateLog.com. I will also post news on Thursday or Friday about the outcome of the controversial FIRS/Catalonia issue everyone is talking about here at the FIRS Artistic Worlds.

Newsletter Contents
  • A Note from Kathie
  • Will the President of FIRS Resign This Week?
  • Photos and Results from the Artistic Worlds
  • Skating Nurses at the World Championships
  • What I am Reading Right Now... Rolaboi!

  • Will the President of FIRS Resign This Week?
    I have heard rumors that Isidro Oliveras, the president of the International Roller Sports Federation, will resign this week if the FIRS Executive Committee does not accept the Catalonian Federation as a full member of FIRS. Those rumors are not confirmed but...

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    Photos and Results from the Artistic Worlds
    Results, photos, reports, and articles about the 2004 Roller Figure Skating World Championships taking place right now in Fresno, Californial. The competition is taking place November 17-27 and there will be a spectacular "Show of Champions" on Sunday, November 28.

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    Skating Nurses at the World Championships
    These three cute nurses were a big hit at the show skating competition of the Artistic World Championships in Fresno where they were part of a Glendale Skating Club production number called "Viva La Viagra".

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    What I am Reading Right Now... Rolaboi!
    In between events at the Artistic World Championships this week I am reading the brand new autobiographical book by inline figure skating world champion Jayson Sutcliffe of Australia called "Rolaboi: Renegade Skater". This is a very personal book filled with Jayson's most intimate feelings, plenty of tell-all insider stories about the international world of competitive artistic roller skating, and super-hot photos of Jayson himself

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    A Note from Kathie
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