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New Southern California Skateboard School

FOUNDER: Richard Zuccarello (founder) MAILING ADDRESS:
Southern California School of Skateboarding
P.O BOX 49
Venice, CA 90294
fax 310 574 4725
phone 310 574-4725
email socalskateschool@comcast.net
Web Site: so-cal-school-of-skateboarding.com

From the school owners and operators:

We plan on offering an instructional video on our Web site when it is completed.

We have been in business for 6 months (6 months as of September 2003) and the product that we are offering is " Skateboarding Safety"!!!

Currently there are skate camps where kids can go during the summer time to receive 2 weeks of intensive training. We do not wish to compete with the camps but only offer a year round solution to a students training needs. With affordable lessons and a conveniently located facility within Los Angeles. We are located 30 minutes or less from places like Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Watts, Culver City, Englewood, Compton, Manhattan Beach, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, West Wood, Holly wood, West L.A., etc.

Our teaching facility is located at;

Skate Park Association USA ( SPAUSA main office)
13015 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

We specialize in Half-pipe training, we provide private lessons, group lessons and day camps. We have a 18 foot wide half-pipe at our facility with a new layer of skate-light surfacing on it.

We plan on opening a retail shop at our teaching facility. We are currently referring our clients to; Old Star Skateboard Shop 2640 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

So. Cal. School of Skateboarding is partnered with the Skate Park Association USA (SPAUSA) a non-profit organization that is run by Heidi Lemmon. For more info about the organization please visit their site at ( spausa.org ).

A little about So.Cal School of Skateboarding founder Richard Zuccarello;

Richard Zuccarello is 33 years of age and resides in Venice, CA He has been skateboarding at a sponsored and semi-professional level for 20 years. His sponsors over the years have company's such as Gordon and Smith, AZP Skateboards and JFA skateboards. He is currently skating for LIB Technology's skateboards, Grind King truck company, PEP wheels and Old Star Skateboard Shop. He has competed on both the NSA and CASL competition circuit over the years. He was invited to skate in the Vans Warped tour Demos in 1996, 1997 and again in 2003. He has won many trophy's in local and a major competition throughout his career. Since the late 80's he participated in numerous skateboarding Demos and small events. He has a good sense of community. He has been teaching skateboarding to people over the years and has always dreamed of someday having an organized teaching program.He believes the reward is in seeing students smile after learning something that is both difficult and physically challenging. In December of 2002 he came up with the idea and name Southern California School of Skateboarding. The idea was to develop a curriculum and teach skateboarding safety and basic movements. The overall goal was to make young skateboarders feel as if they are a part of something. So. Cal School of Skateboarding presents students with "Certificates of Completion" for the first two Levels of our their curriculum. This idea became a reality when Richard Zuccarello partnered up Heidi Lemmon at SPAUSA three months ago and buy doing so has received the sanctioning and instructor certification that will play an eminent role in development of his programs .

A Little about Southern California School of Skateboarding;

Our number one product that we offer is safety!!! Students become members of SPAUSA and receive photo ID'S that are good at any SPAUSA sanctioned skate park, facility or event. Once becoming a members students are evaluated by our instructors to determine their skill level . Our private and group lessons are then tailored to suit their individual needs and learning abilities. We plan on getting a company van soon so that we can start offering day camps to our students. During a day camp students will be taken to two or three skate parks and someplace for lunch. These day camps will be conducted by Richard Zuccarello and our head instructor Zak Groove. At day camp students will have the opportunity to receive lessons on different terranes at various skate parks. We are currently developing an after school program with schools, in which students will receive a credit in P.E. for participating in skateboarding classes that will be held at our facility. We are also working closely with Heidi at SPAUSA and the inner city outreach programs she has helped to develop. Our instructors donate time each week to teach children who qualify for these programs.

Any further questions please feel free to call of email
Rich Zuccarello
310 574-4725
Email: socalskateschool@comcast.net

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