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About Skating in Puerto Rico

An introduction with resources and general information about all types of skating in Puerto Rico. Includes everything we could find about inline skating, ice skating, and roller skating in Puerto Rico. See also Skating by Country, and Skating by Continent and all of our Skating Resources

Roller Sports in Puerto Rico

Federacion Nacional de Patinaje de Puerto Rico
Organization recognized by the World Skate Federation as the national governing body for roller sports and skateboarding ih Puerto Rico.
| Facebook | Twitter | COPUR Profile |

Federacion de Skateboarding de Puerto Rico
| Facebook | FB Events |

La Escuela de Patín Artístico Alas Sobre Ruedas
Artistic roller skating school in Puerto Rico.
| Facebook | Video | Adriana Benitez |

Skate Shops
- El Skate and Bike Shop - Facebook Page
- Rolers Disco Patin - Facebook Page
- Rollerblade Puerto Rico - Facebook Page

- Puerto Rico Roller Derby - Facebook Page
Puerto Rico Roller Derby - Facebook EventPages
- Wicked Island
- Rumtown Rollerpunks
- Enchanted Island

Roller Derby POuerto Rico - Facebook Page
Roller Derby Puerto Rico - Facebook Page

Aggressive Inline Skaters in Puerto Rico
- Alex Nieves (2004 Monsters of Roll in SoCal)
- Carlos Nieves (2004 Monsters of Roll in SoCal)
- Elisamuel Robles
- Freddy Creek
- Gilberto Marrero
- Miguel Branches
- Moises Abreu
- Tato Gonzalez

Inline Speed Skaters in Puerto Rico
- Luis Miguel Rodriguez (Cuba Cup in Havana)
- Michael Rodriguez (Cuba Cup in Havana)
- Rafael Diaz (Cuba Cup in Havana)

Roller Links to be Checked

3 Puerto Rican Speed Skaters in Cuba
Puerto Rican inline speed skaters Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Rafael Diaz, and Michael Rodriguez at the speed skating track near Cuidad Deportiva during the 2002 Cuba Cup in Havana.

A Puerto Rican Speed Coach in Cuba
Puerto Rican inline speed skating coach Miguel A. Lopez Duprey (aka "Cucuso") at the speed skating track near Cuidad Deportiva during the 2002 Cuba Cup in Havana.

Online magazine dedicated to extreme sports in Puerto Rico. Includes photos, interviews, event calendar, competition results, product reviews, and forums for inline skaters, skateboard riders, break dancers, motocross riders, and bmx stunt bike riders.

Road Kill
Puerto Rican aggressive inline skating Web site with aggressive skating photos and links (from 20m.com)

Puerto Rican aggressive inline skating Web site with aggressive skating photos and links (from Tripod.com)

Arecibo Skate Park (no Web site or photos yet)
FROM JASMIN ROSE: "There is a new skate park in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. I dont know the name of it yet but I have visited the park and even though it's still under construction, it is very nice and many talented skaters go there."

Moisty Skate Park Entertainment Center
A 70,000 square foot skate park built on top of the parking structure for the Santa Rosa Shopping Mall in BayamÛn, Puerto Rico.

Roller Vertical Exploration Skate Park
Four photos, information, and a link to the official Web site of an outdoor skatepark located in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.

More Skate Parks in Puerto Rico
- Skate Park Utuado
- Skate Park de Moca

Mission: Skatepark
In Spanish this project is called "MisiÛn: SkatePark" and its purpose is promote the construction of skate parks within Puerto Rico in areas where no skate park currently exists (from Geocities.com).

Operation Bootstrap Rolling Shop
Roller Vertical Exploration Skate Park
Barrio San Jose road 485
Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Waves n' Wheels
Surf and Skate Shop
Calle Fernando Primero #370
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-751-4650

IMYTA Event #15
2003 IMYTA Final Four Championships
Old San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA)
DATE: August 10, 2003
HOST: Moises Abreu
1ST PLACE: Chris Haffey

2004 Monsters of Roll Tour
Schedule for the 2004 Monsters of Roll Puerto Rican Tour, with stops in four different Puerto Rican skate parks (RVE Skate Park)

Mountain Dew Sport and Music Fest

M.A. Productions
An extreme sports event production company in Puerto Rico founded by MoisÈs Abreu (from MoistyRamp.com)

Forum for Puerto Rican Aggressive Inliners (MoistyRamp.com)
A Spanish-language online message board and forum for discussing aggressive inline skating in Puerto Rico (from MoistyRamp.com).

Ice Skating in Puerto Rico

Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena (AISA)
Ice skating rink in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico that first opened in 2005. The rink closed, at least for a time, after it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Marie in 2017.
| Wikipedia |

IIHF "Will Ice Melt in Puerto Rico?" Article (2010 Archive)


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