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My First Day in Snow White Inline Figure Skates
by Jo Ann Schneider Farris

In November of 2004 Jo Ann Schneider Farris, the author of the book "How to Jump and Spin on Inline Skates" tried skating on the new Snow White inline figure skating frame. Here is Jo Ann's review of the Snow White inline figure skating frame.

By Jo Ann Schneider Farris
Author of How to Jump and Spin on Inline Skates

A new in-line figure skate has recently made an appearance. It is called The Snow White Skate. My first day skating in these skates proved to be wonderful!

I am able to do spins and jumps on them with ease. Also, they are very light and the short frame makes it possible to do ice dances!

I began my first time in Snow Whites with some caution. After doing several waltz jumps, I moved on to Salchows and then toe-loops. I then attempted some spirals and pivots. I was so impressed with the lightness on the skate and found myself wanting to do more. Soon I was doing falling leafs, loops, flips, lutzes, and axels! I also found spinning to be delightful. It took a bit before I figured out how to get up from a sit spin since I needed to force my weight a bit forward, but once I found that place, I was doing sit spins over and over. Doing camel spins felt so much like my camel spins on the ice!

Finally, as I began doing footwork and stroking, I realized how much the lightness of this skate made doing those things a pleasure. I loved putting my feet close together as I did ice dances! It was fun doing the three turns in the European Waltz! It was also great fun doing the Blues and Killian! And... doing edges and swing rolls, forward and backward, went so smoothly!

My day on Snow Whites was the best! I canit wait to skate on them again.

I highly recommend this product for the serious artistic in-line figure skater or for anyone who wishes to do what is done on the ice on an in-line skate. For information and for photos of this new in-line figure skating frame visit the official Snow White Frame Web site at InlineFigure.com.

~ Jo Ann Schneider Farris

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